Shocking Reasons: Why Tinkasiimire and Bukenya ditched Bobi & People Power

Bobi Wine and other politicians aligned to 'People Power' addressing reporters at Magere

First of all, Why does Bukenya dance on his son’s grave?

A day in politics is long, Ex-Vice President Bukenya and Buyaga Mp Tinkasimire could not stand poverty in opposition.

Despite their declared support for Bobi wine, they have rushed back to their master Kaguta and have been part of the weekend NRM events.

When Bukenya fell out with Museveni he told the world how Museveni’s people had killed his son Brian.

The reason is Brian had enrolled in the military, was a bright lawyer, a Muganda catholic who had better political prospects than Museveni’s son Muhozi according to his reasoning and justification of his son’s murder motive.

It’s only in Uganda where people never die a natural death without being linked to politics for political sympathy.

In 2016, Bukenya quickly dropped out of TDA and ran back to Museveni in exchange of 2 Billion Shillings, he would have done this even if he was the head of TDA, just like many you see running around with Bobi Wine, they are simply building their profiles for the pay day when they decide to cross over to President Museveni.

3 years later, Bukenya was broke again, he began chanting Bobi Wine praises in order to attract Museveni attention.

Bukenya has been so broke of late and now wants Museveni Money. For Bukenya to go back to alleged Brian’s killers is like dancing on the grave of his son, should one conclude that Bukenya’s son was killed as alleged or that he actually benefited from his death?

I am inclined to think so !! This is the irony of Ugandan politicians, they are so cheap and unprincipled.

Little wonder that President Museveni cannot appoint you Vice President unless you are so doughed.

Bobi Wine there is Bukenya and Tinkasimire for you. I hope this could be a lesson to H.E Bobi wine the Ghetto Gladiator that there is a need to know the dynamics of Ugandan politics and not all of them can be trusted.

This is not music where one does collaboration and moves back to his record label, every time your opponent takes away the smallest piece in politic is construed as a win the other side.

Unfortunately for Ugandans they still can’t understand the dynamics of the political game, one can argue that Ugandans bring this to themselves when they fail to put politicians to the task to debate issues.

Article by Seruga Titus

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