Stella Nyanzi writes up another Poem calling out President Museveni

Poet and mother of two, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has never been a fan of the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni.

She has always been vocal and active in the criticism of the government which she termed as oppressive, barbaric and not masses friendly.

She was thrown into prison sometime in 2018 on charges that human rights termed frivolous.

She has already served her jail time and returned after the appellate court ruled that her imprisonment was unconstitutional.

Here she is again… She has written a poem to the president. Read below:

“Yoweri, how do we stop you from abusing executive power during this public health crisis called Corona virii?

Father of Natasha, how do we stop you from killing Uganda’s mothers who cannot drive to hospitals to deliver our babies?

Commander in Chief of the Forces, how do we stop you from ordering our sons and brothers who carry guns to beat up traders, lawyers, nurses and bankers sitting on bodabodas driving them to work to give us critical services?

Husband of Janet, how do we stop you from paralysing and penalising kind philanthropists who are giving us soap, food and fuel for cooking our children’s daily sustenance?

Jajja Bosiko, how do we stop you from stealing more of our children’s heritage – now that the national reserves are revealed to be bankrupt?

You brutish clown, how do we stop you from threatening Ugandans with punch after punch of how you will brutally halt all initiatives aimed at enhancing survival during this global pandemic?

Dictator Museveni, how do we stop you from shooting more murderous bullets at us in the name of haphazardly issuing unbaked and unprocessed decrees on television and radios?

Yoweri Museveni Kaguta, how do we poke so much more of your leopard’s anus that you are forced to stop making more mockery of Ugandans in the time of Covid-19?

…You are welcome to go ahead and order Grace Akullo and the Cyber Crimes Unit to open another criminal file on me because of this heartfelt poem! I do not fear your congested UTI-infested prisons. I do not fear you. You will never gag me…”

It remains to be seen if the President would act. I am sure he is already frustrated at her constant jibes.

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