REVEALED: Why Museveni, Kayihura and Top UPDF Generals want Tumukunde incinerated

Tumukunde was recently quoted in the media as saying if he were in Rwanda’s shoes, he would support a regime change in Uganda.

By yesterday, at least four of his aides were also arrested, while 11 others, including the general’s son, Amanya Tumukunde and Tororo County North MPAnnet Nyaketcho, were not allowed to leave the Kololo home.

Nyaketcho, who is one of Tumukunde’s close confidants and was at the Kololo offices at the time of the general’s arrest, said: “The Police have told us we cannot leave. We spent a night here, together with 11 other people, including the general’s son.”

The fresh arrests come at a time when the army recently withdrew and arrested over 10 of his guards. But they were later released. Sources revealed that security was due to search for three other premises linked to Tumukunde within Kampala.


During an interview on one of the local tv stations, Tumukunde, while responding to a question on how he would deal with the Uganda-Rwanda border tensions, if he were to be president, suggested that Rwanda should back anyone who wants to change Government.

“An impasse! I hope we are following the same developments on this issue. However, if I was Rwanda (sic), I would support anyone who wants to cause a change in Uganda,” Tumukunde stated.

Tumukunde, who once headed the Internal Security Organisation, during another show with a local radio station said Uganda’s intelligence system was getting weakened and causing troubles for the neighbors


On Thursday, a special sitting of top security officials which included Police, the military and spy agencies met at the President’s office. Top on the agenda of the meeting was how to handle Tumukunde.

Security sources who spoke to us noted that this was the second meeting they were holding within two weeks after Tumukunde declared his bid for the presidency.

The meeting also came against the background of the general’s appearance on local TV and radio stations, where he made what was perceived to be controversial statements. Security sources revealed that it was agreed that Tumukunde is arrested on treason charges for his utterances.

The task was handed over to the CMI head, Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho and the head of CID. Throughout this week, plain-clothes operatives were planted at Tumukunde’s home and offices in Kololo on Impala Avenue next to Multi-Choice offices, to track his movements.

Ugandanz News Website has established that Tumukunde had already confided in a few of his relatives and friends about his impending arrest after being tipped off by close confidants. Security agents knocked at Tumukunde’s gate and asked the guards to inform the general that they wanted to talk to him.

Tumukunde then offered to meet them and it is then that he met Akullo and her entourage. When Akullo informed Tumukunde that they had come to arrest him and search his house, a heated exchange ensued.

Tumukunde insisted he would not allow a search to be conducted at his premises without the presence of his lawyers and journalists.

“I thought you are a lawyer; do they search people at this time,” Tumukunde asked Akullo, who responded that the law was dynamic.

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