Impunity as UPDF Seals off Natete Police Station & Forcefully Removes LDU Arrested over Defilement

updf spokes person
Uganda's army spokesperson, Brig Richard Karemire.

Drama and fear engulfed people of Natete as 30 UPDF active soldiers surrounded Nateete police station early this week.

The incident was characterised by Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) officers attached to the same police station sealing off Nateete police station and putting a police officer guarding a police cell on gun point

The soldiers later on  forcefully removed their LDU officer arrested for defilement and whisked him away.

According to reliable sources at Katwe police station, an LDU officer was arrested on allegations of defiling a helpless 13 year old girl ( whose names and identities withheld)

The arrested LDU officer was identified as Amon Twesigye attached to Natete police station.

Further information revealed to our reporter indicated that Amon was found red-handily in the act defiling the girl in his tent  by the girl’s

Amon then cocked his gun but the police officer was quick to grab him and started fighting until he escaped and ran away leaving his gun with the police officer.

Our spies said that suspect Amon was later arrested the following day and detained at Natete police station where UPDF commander in charge Natete one Capt Godfrey Kasaija Ndihamwe sent his deputy SGT Kyaligonza to remove their colleagues from police cells.

Our spies added that Sgt Kyaligonza went directly to police cells, told the in charge to remove an LDU suspect thinking he just wanted to talk to him. The in charge police cells saw both Sgt Kyaligonza and the suspect going away and  by the time he ran after them the suspect had already disappeared.

The in charge police cells later reported the matter to his bosses who immediately arrested Sgt Kyaligonza to produce the suspect.

However Capt Godfrey Kasaija the commander of UPDF officers attached to Natete police station, came with over 30 army men and surrounded the police patrol car where Sgt Kyaligonza was being held and forcefully removed him.

Our spies added that Police was taking Sgt Kyaligonza to katwe main police station to explain why he aided his junior who was detained over defilement to escape.

Our sources have told us that police have since written to the immediate bosses of Capt Godfrey and his deputy to compel them bring their officer one Amon Twesigye who is being charged with defilement so that he faces the long arm of the law.

Police also want Capt Godfrey, his deputy Sgt Kyaligonza charged with aiding the suspect charged with a capital offense and abstracting police officers on the duty to forcefully remove a suspect from a police patrol.

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