“If Uganda has closed her borders, let’s trade with DR Congo” Kagame accuses Uganda of Economic sabotage

Yesterday Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame urged his Rwandan citizens, especially while addressing residents of Rubavu District to leverage their proximity to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and trade more with the bountiful & Co-operative neighbor.

He made these remarks during his citizen outreach, where he met over 100,000 residents from both Rubavu and Rutsiro districts on the final stop of his three-day visit in the Northern and Western provinces.

He explained that every region in Rwanda has a different economic potential, Kagame urged the residents in Rubavu and Rutsiro that their districts can benefit more by trading with DR Congo than Uganda a nation which has gone rogue.

“When we have good relations between the two countries, we can base on that and work towards prosperity on both sides,” he said, encouraging citizens not to waste any opportunities.

Kagame added that trading with DR Congo would be more profitable and all traders have to do is organize accordingly to take up such.

Earlier on this year, Kagame closed borders to Ugandan traders accusing Kampala government of financing rebels who are bent on destabilizing the peace in Rwanda. The Ugandan Government, however, declined to reply Kagame through media and trashed his claims.

The President said that a lot that often doesn’t get done can be worked on through cooperation between leaders and citizens “to improve things”.

Among the improvements needed in Rubavu include increasing access to electricity, protecting the land from erosion, and further promoting cross-border trade.

Kagame urged successful private entrepreneurs in Rubavu to create jobs for those who are disadvantaged and always strive to broaden their trade ventures.

“Entrepreneurs shouldn’t settle for less; they should always strive to grow their businesses to serve as many people as possible,” he said.

On security, the President reassured citizens that Rwandans are able to protect their country from any threats and encouraged them to focus on work to develop themselves.

He also encouraged residents in Rubavu and local leaders to focus on their children’s education and health and not to tolerate child labor.

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