Giant Bats Discovered in Philippines causes Havoc online

Like a bat out of hell, literally. These images of the giant crowned flying fox have gone viral, causing people to marvel at the size of the creature.

Found in the Philippines, it can grow to the size of a six-year-old child.

Bats unexpectedly stole the limelight this year after the coronavirus pandemic reportedly started by someone eating bat-soup (so far unproven).

You’d be forgiven for thinking this bat could catch and eat you, but it’s actually a fruit bat and pretty harmless.

It would much rather chew on a fig and is responsible for the growth of forests – so misguided fear of the creature could lead to its costly extinction.

And to spoil the ‘blind as a bat’ phrase, this one relies on good eyesight to navigate and forage.

They’re known as Aswag ‘Demonic bats‘ by the local residents . This has led many people to hunt them down and kill them.

However the NGO’s and Activists have warned the Government of Philippines to bar Chinese nationals to come to Philippines. They’re worried that the Chinese could start eating them.

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