“We are not machines” Pastor Senyonga’s wife rallies women against doing House chores

Pastor Senyonga with his wife Eva Senyonga

Pastor Eva Senyonga has offered worrying advice to all married women on how to handle their homes and men.

Eva is a wife to Christian Life Church Bwaise senior Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, a long-term nemesis of House of Prayer Ministries International’s Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

During Top TV’s daily show ‘An hour with Pastor Senyonga’ on Monday, Eva said that women are not machines so men should not expect them to do all housework.

She made these remarks while defending Pastor Bugingo’s estranged wife Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, from allegations that she used not to do housework at home and that it was one of the reasons why she was abandoned by the husband.

“Women should not washcloths, do you call them washing machines! Women are managers these days and every developed home has a house helper who helps in washing, cooking, cleaning the house and also do other housework on our behalf,” Eva said.

Recently, Bugingo said that many people were criticizing him over dumping Teddy after 29 years of marriage, but none of them know the kind of woman he got married to.

“A stupid woman breaks her house with her hands. My wife was so lazy and now you hear the world saying that no divorce yet I was living with a dog. You marry a lazy woman when she can’t even wash your clothes, but only good at applying makeup and gossiping with my rivals,” Bugingo said.

But according to Eva, this was a silly excuse because women of this era don’t need to spend full time at home doing housework because they can afford to pay house helpers as they carry out other responsibilities outside their homes.

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