Revealed: Suspects in Catherine Kusasira assassination attempt named

Well I guess you have noticed that Catherine Kusasira’s security detail has been Strengthened

According to our informant, this is due to security intelligence that has been gathered that there is a plot to assassinate Catherine and the assassination is being organized by mafias.

Catherine Kusasira is newly appointed in Kampala, it’s believed that she may be the key to the grassroots mobilization of the NRM and President Museveni’s support in Particular.

This doesn’t sound well in opposition ears but it’s worse with NRM Mafias that had made it a habit to do less mobilization yet demand more funding claiming Kampala is a hard rock.

This provides a motive for mafias to organize an assassination to do away with the hurdle that may hinder their loot from the statehouse.

Suspects in the assassination plot of Catherine Kusasira have been identified as Mutyaba Hassan, Alex Muhumuza, Kikawa Frank, Kalevu, Bogere Hamza, Aziz.

Mutyaba Hassan was recently arrested on charges murder but released by police due to lack of evidence, he is believed to be behind organized assassinations.

Security further links this group to the assassination of ASP Kirumira Muhammad a former informant of the wall.

Another name on the assassination list is a senior army officer at the rank of Colonel, his identity is not yet available.

Mafias funding these assassinations are not yet revealed as our informant is still pressing for information.

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