Rema lists reasons why she dropped Kenzo for an Educated Man, Team Kenzo reacts furiously

The world of Entertainment is being filled with News of Rema ditching Eddy Kenzo her long-term Boyfriend and a father to one of her child

Rema has been quoted so many times saying that if its money she can work for herself, or any other basic need she can avail it to her self.

Her major concerns concern or life goals were to get a lover who can Understand her and provide lots and lots of care to her.

Ssebunya Rema’s new fiance/ lover multiple times is seen with rich loaded men case in point Kirumira chairman of Bagaga Kwagalana a clique for the wealthies only.

Well, this proves that Ssebunya is someone who is also loaded, as an English proverb goes ‘Birds of the same feather, flock together’

Rema met Ssebunya at a certain UMA show exhibition, after exchanging numbers the two became inseparable.

Ssebunya showed Rema lots of love and care, a move that earned Doctor Ssebunya a special place in Rema’s Heart.

This revelation, however, worsened her reputation among team Kenzo accusing her of flirting with another man yet she was still in a relationship with Eddy Kenzo.

Rema’s relation with Ssebunya became solidified when his lover Betty decided to end their relationship in 2014.

Rema’s friends advised her not to lose this chance and get close to Doctor. This is the same time she released her song dubbed ‘Doctor’ She claims it was not dedicated to Ssebunya.

In 2017, Rema gave strict conditions to be followed in their relationship. The Doctor proved himself when he abided by all rules set up by Rema.

This proved his commitment towards her which resulted in her Introducing him to her parents as her man. The two are going to be officially pronounced man and Woman around November 2019

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