Jackie Chandiru condition worsens, she now defecates where she sleeps

In an interview on KFM on January 7, Chandiru told the public that her troubles stemmed from the abuse of a prescription painkiller Pethidine, which was used to treat a back problem.

Jackie Chandiru’s life is at stake again, she needs your prayers, She is currently at Naguru hospital surgical Ward 4, battling for her life due to drug abuse again.

But this time round its tougher because she doesn’t have any person attending to her, all her relatives deserted her.

Even at the hospital, there are people sneaking in drugs for her causing more danger. It’s like a trend now that we are losing great Artists over drugs.

According to doctors attending to her, Chandiru is sleeping on a plain bed without mattress and neighbors around her complain about her of stinking.

This is a result of not having anyone to carter for her needs and sometimes she defecates and urinates where she is sleeping.

”The nurses are tired of her since she has no attendant yet she sleeps on a bare mattress with no bedsheets, defecates on herself, walks naked in the ward and it’s reported that her veins are badly damaged” One of the patient in Hospital narrated

We wish her a quick recovery.

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