Police releases Ziggy wine video and sends a stun warning to Bobi wine & Joel Senyonyi

The late Michael Alinda also known as Ziggy Wine who died on Sunday

Police have released closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, which shows Michael Alinda aka Ziggy Wine (now deceased) being dropped by ‘Good Samaritans’ at Mulago Hospital, before his demise last month.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the recording was obtained by security cameras that captured Ziggy Wine arriving at Mulago Hospital on a bodaboda, on July 21.

He was in the company of two helpers. Enanga said the first footage was captured by fixed cameras at the Mulago market, commonly known as Ku-kasaawe on July 21, at around 8:11 pm.

Enanga said the footage shows three people on a motorcycle — the rider, Ziggy, and another person, who appeared to be supporting him. While addressing a press conference on Monday, Enanga identified the ‘Good Samaritans’ as Amos Turyamureba, the rider and David Kimbowa, a staff member of Hope Clinic, located on the Northern By-pass.

The second security camera, at Mulago’s casualty ward, shows that the trio arrived at the hospital at 8:12 pm. According to Enanga, Ziggy, who appeared weak, was being supported by the two men, moving towards the casualty ward. Enanga lauded the generosity of the Good Samaritans, who helped the victim to the hospital.

Kampala North regional criminal investigations chief Topher Gimeyi led the team reconstructing what transpired on the evening Ziggy Wine was dropped at Mulago Hospital. In a recent press conference, Enanga said

“Ziggy Wine died of crash injuries sustained from an accident”.

contrary to earlier reports that Ziggy Wine was kidnapped and tortured, Police said the musician was involved in an accident

“But, before being moved to Mulago, ZigyWine was first taken to Kamwokya Christian Care Community Clinic. At that time, Ziggy had no identification and he remained unknown. He was bleeding from the nose and mouth, and his fingers were injured,” Enanga said.

The Police publicist said Ziggy Wine was admitted to the neurosurgical department of Mulago Hospital as patient number 471567/19, an unknown accident victim.

“On July 27, after his relatives showed up, he was identified as Michael Alinda. Doctors told his relatives that Zigy Wine needed a CT-scan and the relatives took him to Nsambya Hospital, until July 30, when his condition deteriorated and they returned him to Mulago,” he said.

Upon taking him back to Mulago, Alinda was given a new number, 1679/19, under his name.

“At this time, the relatives were aware that Zigy Wine was an accident victim. But, they chose to keep quiet and give chance to political opportunists to falsely accuse the Government of kidnap, torture, and murder of ZiggyWine. For five days, his relatives knew he was in the hospital. Do not politicize death,” Enanga stated.

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