Peng Peng’s advise to King Saha that has left Gaga Mel fans shocked

Peng Peng has come out to the side with King Saha in a fight he has been having with the Gaga Mel Boss Bebecol. The Post was as below:

King Saha, You’re a Good artist and I respect you a lot. Don’t let someone’s arrogance make you feel less than an artist.

You struggled your way through into the mainstream when we still had the big 3, My question is, are the big 3 dead or Still Alive?

As Long as a chameleon who chased away the Congolese respect you and our future president endorsed you that You’re a talented artist that’s a big achievement.

I have watched a man diss our president sijui drug addict for the past 15yrs but take a look at Bobiwine today. The drug addict is his source of income so don’t be bothered the Word drugs is his defense mechanism.

Mbu Bobiwine is a drug addict, Bobiwine constructed a house before him, He kept ranting Bobiwine anywa Enjaga while Bobiwine was at Rubaga Cathedral wedding His wife Barbie owuwe jjukira Ali mukazigo.

The old man wouldn’t stop singing Bobiwine is a drug addict but Little did he know Bobiwine owned a beach.

So we have been listening to his song njaga for decades, Someone went to parliament n now presidential aspirant.

King Saha when I look at your mansion You’re constructing, My brother if that’s courtesy of your Hard work and sweat, Young man I wanna smoke with you.

Be Humble tokiliza Anaconda oba timba kusenga munyumba mbu ekulemeredde nga munaffe.

Well, let me take this opportunity n say King Saha within this shortest period of time we have consumed your music, Tetulina kyetukubanja taata.

Fresh daddy was labeled a jocker but how about that Bogolako female video vixen?

The fact that People embraced Fresh daddy’s mazike song and they rejected  Zuena’s matta Song both could be classified as jockers (Abeyiiya)Naye bilimu omukisa.

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