Martha Kay’s Mother reactions to leaked photos shock public & her boyfriends

Martha Kay
Martha Kay

Last week the whole internet in Uganda was set ablaze after the release of Martha Kay’s Nude photo. Many people condemned her and the blame was put on her whilst others came up to her side defending her.

In her own stetemment, Martha kay said she was not going to be brought down by the acts of the devil himself, rather she will stand strong amidst the storm and come out victorious

She revealed that she had sought police actions to help investigate the mastermind who was behind the release of her nudity photos. The police are yet to give us feedback on its investigations.

Female Members of parliament are among those who sympathized with her including Betty Nambooze and others. They condemned the act as an invasion of someone’s privacy.

Nambooze like many other women activists called for strong punitive action against those who leak female nude pictures.

Like any other mother, Martha Kay’s mother was heartbroken on learning that her daughter’s nude pictures made it to the internet for public viewing.

A source has revealed to this website that, Margaret Kagimba, a staunch Evangelist or Born Again  Christian was shocked and could not believe that her daughter would have nude photos in her phone.

According to unconfirmed reports, her mother was rushed to hospital after she was hit by High blood pressure after seeing the photos of her precious daughter circulating online.

As many say a mother’s love knows no limit. Reports are indicating that she is more disturbed by the incidence compared to Martha kay the known victim.

She was left speechless after she recovered and rumor has it that she has refused to talk to her daughter accusing her of shaming the family. However, we believe this is due to change as many people have come out to console her to forgive her daughter.

Martha posted on Twitter praying that it never happens to anyone again. She said her privacy had been breached and she has reported the matter to police though police said that no such case was reported.

The majority of Martha Kay Facebook followers have asked her to keep strong and ignore all negative comments.

We would like to hear from you what would be your reaction in case Martha kay was your daughter, would you stand with her or forsake her?

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