Lira RDC to lose his job over stealing & using Primary Teacher’s Academic documents

A primary school teacher has claimed the Lira Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Milton Odongo, is using his academic papers.

Odongo, a teacher at Omwonyolee Primary School in Ogor sub-county, Otuke district, says the RDC’s real name is Okwany Aguti but took on his name in order to use his academic papers.

The teacher claims that when he approached him, the RDC threatened to use his lawyer and his brother, who works as an Internal Security Officer in one of the sub-counties in Otuke.

“I am the real Milton Odongo. The one serving as RDC of Lira is not me. His real name is Okwany Aguti. He never sat for PLE, neither was he baptized. That is why his mother’s name, Aguti, was added onto his surname, Okwany, to make Okwany Aguti,” Odongo noted.

He said: “I sat Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) at Orum Primary School in 1987, but in 1988, Okwany Aguti went to the school and picked my results slip, including recommendation without my knowledge. When I discovered he had used my papers to secure a job as a sweeper with the Custodian Board in Jinja, he apologized.”

The teacher said he joined Senior One in 1988 at Orum Secondary School and completed in 1991 and then joined Canon Lawrence Primary Teachers’ College in 1992 and graduated as a Grade III teacher in 1994.

“I later joined Lira district local government as a primary school teacher in 1996,” he said.

“In the same year, he (Okwany Aguti) asked me for my original O’level slip saying he was going to use it to get his package. At first, I objected, but he convinced me that he would also get me a well-paying job in Kampala.”

Odongo noted that instead of getting for him a job as promised, he was surprised to find out that Okwany had started working in the office of the RDC as a cadre and operative using his name.

Odongo (teacher) displays his academic papers in his lawyer’s office Photo by New Vision

“Those are people who do not want me to raise the name of President Yoweri Museveni even in workshops,” he said.

The RDC says he has never been Okwany Aguti and said he sat for his PLE at Orum Primary School in 1987.

“That teacher with the same name as mine sat his PLE at Morolem Boys Primary School because he was suffering from leprosy,” the RDC said.

The teacher said it was true, he went to Morolem Primary School up to 1983, when he got healed. He then returned to Orum Primary School, where he completed until Primary Seven in 1987. The RDC said he sat his UCE at Almond College in 2000 and so, the allegations that he sat at Orum are false.

“Now that he has taken me to court. I want him to tell me before the magistrate why he gave me his papers,” he said.

Ben Amoni, Odongo’s brother, said it is a known fact in their family that the Lira RDC is using his brother’s PLE and UCE certificates. Odongo has, through Makmot Kibwanga and Company Advocates, filed for a private prosecution against the RDC at Alebtong Chief Magistrates Court (criminal case number 179).

Meanwhile, some National Resistance Movement cadres in Lira are calling for the resignation of the RDC over the issue, saying it is a shame to the ruling party.

Jonal Okot, an LC3 councilor for Ojwina division, said the RDC should step down to enable investigations.

Sam Frobisher Owori Sharif Sentoogo his original O’level slip, but he kept dodging him until the then RDC, the late Joseph Arwata, intervened and forced him to hand it back, he added.

However, on November 5, the teacher received a letter from Okwany, through his lawyers, Egaru and Company Advocates, stating that he is defaming him.

“The following day, I was summoned to Police to make a statement,” he said.

Odongo said he will not be intimidated. He also registered a case of impersonation (GEF 12/2019) against the RDC at Otuke Police Station.

“The President appointed Milton Odongo, who owns the academic documents as RDC, not Okwany Aguti, who never sat PLE. He should vacate the office and leave it to me,” he said.

Adam Makmot Kibwanga, the legal counsel for the teacher, supported him.

When contacted, the RDC denied the claims, saying they were politically motivated and orchestrated by criminal gangs who got into trouble with him during the course of his work as RDC.

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