Hon Betty Nambooze speaks out on Mayinja’s defection from NUP to NRM

When Mayinja came to politics of activism he found me the right person to introduce him in this field. Indeed his joining the struggle excited us.

Months after my recruit did the unthinkable when he performed at a function where Museveni conferred heroism to 317 MPs who had voted YES to the lifting of the age limit.

I quietly sat Mayinja over this matter and he explained his side of the story…how true it was…well it was to be judged by what he was to do going forward. Bobi Wine says “muli balabira ku Bikolwa baabwe.

The bang that accompanied Mayinja’s public endorsement of Mr.Museveni with a well composed campaign song was so loud.

But to me Mayinja had defected back to the NRM long time ago.The announcement nearly done through his singing talent teased us and exposed us to great psychological pain.

We shall not cry or laugh,Mayinja”s defection. in my opimion Mayinja”s defection has always been in offering for it’s not easy being in the opposition in Uganda.

Your family, your business and even your politics will be endangered…Yet colleagues on the opposition side will equally torment you…to throw you in a very challenging life.

How many people can sacrifice to lead such a life? It not easy being an activist against the junta.

Political analyst Godwin Phiri says defections are normal in politics but highlighted different motives for defections;

1.A defection driven by person who believes that the party is no longer true to its principles;The defector is more loyal.

2.There is the one driven by money because they will have been bought.

3.People who want to gain political mileage by looking at possible chances to occupy certain political offices or positions.

4.When a defector is motivated by anger or disgruntlement.

5.Stage managed defections done by Parties that only seek to pull off a stunt.

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