Breaking sad News: Amin’s widow succumbs to death from heart failure

The Idi Amin family would like to announce the passing of their beloved mother Hajjati Fatina Gawita Amin. Widow of the late Ramathan Amin

She passed away yesterday afternoon from heart failure. A devout Muslim lady, she has been a pillar of happiness and guidance to all the children in the family through the best and worst of times, from her wedding to Mzee Ramadhan Amin in the 1970’s, to the tough refugee life in exile in Congo, and their return home in the 90’s, to this day.

The deceased mother of family

She has been with them through all. The living children are asked to remain strong who include Ariye, Sauda, Madina, Nichi, Toto and Idi in this difficult time of loosing a mother.

The statement below is from Lumumba one of Iddi Amin’s oldest son -:

We all feel that loss. My thoughts also to the inlaws, her own brothers, sisters and relatives all the way from Mbarara, Kigali, Burundi, Nairobi and around the world. And while as a family we will always remember the fantastic meals she made on Eid celebrations and family gatherings.

We will all mostly miss the bright spirit that was always around her, and which made her much beloved by the whole family. She gave the name that my daughter has today, and she has been a source of inspiration and wisdom to many men, women and children from her community in the Kawempe suburb on the outskirts of Kampala.

We pray that Allah Almighty rest her soul in eternal peace and accord her the best place in heaven.
Inalillahi wa inalillahi rajioun. God giveth the temporay life that each person enjoys, and to Him every human being will return when their turn and time comes.

Thank You Mama Ariye for everything, especially for being there for us.

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