“Bobi wine wants to meet President Museveni” – Full Figure

Full Figure has been trolled, loved and hated for her involvement in politics, controversial statements, vulgar language and unapologetic eating of taxpayers’ money.

She was recently appointed a presidential adviser, and she has been loudly bragging about it.

At Full Figure’s office in Katwe, She was found surrounded by over 40 people from Busia, each trying to get her attention so she can help them meet President Yoweri Museveni or get a quick loan.

Full figure seemed and looked so calm and relaxed yet she is widely known on social media for making a lot of noise and vulgar utterances. When asked why she said:-

“My goal is to show everyone I come in contact with, my humanity. is is why I easily get in with every kind of person, from the highest position to the most ordinary.

With all the drama around you, don’t you get scared of your enemies? There is nothing I fear. Many people come to see me every day, and among those, I have friends, as well as enemies. But you can’t avoid such people.”

Speaking about her education Background she revealed that her parents died in the war that brought Museveni to power, so she did not get a chance to go to school. But acquired the necessary skills to help her maneuver through the hardships of life.

When asked what went wrong between her and Bajjo events promoter, Full figure said that she refused Bajjo who wanted to chew her sumbie yet he is so local.

Q: What went wrong between you and Promoter Bajjo aka Andrew Mukasa? “He wanted to have a romantic relationship with me, but he is not my type. He has ‘tied’ himself on my child, claiming that he is the father. He even wanted to marry me, but I refused because I don’t love him”

She added that he is accusing her of being a prostitute because she refused to give him a chance;-

Q: He said you were once a prostitute?  “Bajjo is just saying that because I refused to give him a chance. He doesn’t even have the qualities of a ‘real’ man. Bajjo is jealous that I now have a high position. He doesn’t have a job and he’s just a noisemaker. Bajjo used to use me for fame because I have so many followers. He would post a picture of me online and people would send us money from America. I no longer do those stupid things. He is now faded, and that is why he attacks me. God saved me from eating bikomando . You people should let me enjoy my piece of meat. “

Speaking out on Bobi wine full figure said that Bobi is just playing hard to get, yet the truth is he is yearning to meet President Museveni so that he joins the winning side.

Q: Are you still friends with Bobi Wine? ”We are friends. We even talk. In this world, we work to become better people. Bobi Wine has been doing and saying silly things, but all he wants to do is meet Museveni. The good thing is that we are almost coming to an understanding.

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