UNTOLD STORY: How the plan to steal 90 billion was hatched in BoU & Statehouse officials

Printing of money to the tune of 378 billion was authorized by the responsible people and that was statehouse, Governor Mutebile and the executive director of operations at the bank of Uganda, Charles Malinga akol. The money was to arrive in the country towards the end of April 2019.

Shortly after Malinga went for leave and he left the deputy director in charge operations, Dr. Barenzi, in charge of his office, so when the time to go and receive the printed money came, it was Dr. Barenzi who had to travel for that purpose.

Statehouse officials, Governor Mutebile and Dr. Barenzi who is very close to the first family, held a meeting and colluded to have more money to the tune of 90 billion printed, and be transported home in a disguised manner as cargo belonging to two businessmen close to Museveni, on Mbire and Mandela of the Mandela mills.

These businessmen were recruited into the project. also part of the extra money was to be marked as a united nation cargo, and other pallets were marked as USAID cargo, in addition to those with Mbire’s company and Mandela mills.

After the plot was hatched up Governor Mutebile and Barenzi signed a procurement document for the extra 90 billion and in collusion with the charter flight company, they rebranded the five pallets containing the 90 billion, with names of the aforementioned companies, United Nations, and USAID.

This was to avoid the eyes of the URA and CAA officials who would be fooled that pallets were belonging to those mentioned companies and organizations. Fake documentation was worked out to cover the theft.

The chartered plane successfully delivered the money to Entebbe on 27th April, and vehicles were already stationed there to carry the Bank of Uganda money (the 378 billion), and the five pallets were taken to waiting cars and given fake custom papers and the money in those pallets was driven to state house, in cars marked with fake logos of United Nations and USAID.

These two organizations have this morning denied any knowledge of transporting their goods aboard this bank of Uganda classified transport plane. So that lie has collapsed.

Money reached state house and trouble came when the Bank of Uganda executive director of operations, Charles Malinga Akol returned from leave, he got a tip that his office had been used to smuggle in the money, whose procurement documentation had disappeared at the hands of Dr. Barenzi and in collusion with state house.

Malinga immediately contacted governor at the beginning of May, not knowing that the governor was part of the scheme and asked the governor to inform Museveni about the mysterious cargo, not knowing again that Museveni was in the game.

When he received no quick response after one month he decided to tell Mutebile that some whistleblower was about to expose the story and for him, Malinga he had no knowledge.it was Malinga who wanted to clear his name, who forced Mutebile to contact Museveni and they hatched the Nakalema foolery.

Because Malinga insisted Mutebile just deployed Nakalema to carry out foolery calling it an investigation and everything you see going on, the arrests, the contradictory statement from every corner of the regime, are part of a huge cover-up.

The money is lying safe somewhere ready to be unleashed by Museveni in his political survival, and soon this Nakalema foolery will die a natural death and Ugandans will continue to breathe.

Any other version of what happened should be dismissed with all the contempt. ( Investigations are done by an Independent private investigator with sources within Bank of Uganda and Statehouse)

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