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System Volongoto: 19 yr old dies after failing to get 150,000 bribes for doctors

A medic at Mityana General Hospital has gone into hiding after neglecting a patient which consequently led to her death.

Police have identified the deceased as Sylvia Nantongo, a 19-year-old resident of Mutetema Village, Kalangaalo Sub County in Mityana District. 
Nantongo who delivered a baby six months ago had been rushed to the public facility after developing intestinal obstruction on Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect reportedly demanded Shs 350,000 from Nantongo’s family in order to operate her. 

“We tried to look for the money he [the doctor] had demanded and managed to get only Shs200, 000. We pleaded with him to work on the patient as we look for the balance and he told us to negotiate with nurses on duty,” Nantongo’s mother, Ms Joyce Nantale said.

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Ms. Nantale said although her daughter was taken to the theatre, she was abandoned at the entrance and by the time they paid all the money, she had died.

Ms. Ismail Byekwaso who took the money to the hospital said the suspect ordered Nantongo’s relatives to either pay the money or leave the facility with their patient. The deceased was buried at her ancestral home at Mutetema Village on Wednesday.

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After learning about the incident, district leaders rushed to the hospital on Wednesday to establish what had happened.

Mr. James Nkaata, the Chief Administrative Officer said the accused doctor was not responsible for Nantongo’s death but some junior staff who reportedly delayed to take her to the theatre.

“We have established that the doctor was waiting for the patient at the theatre but one of the junior staff delayed the process as they negotiated a bribe with the deceased’s family. We strongly condemn such acts and the management of the hospital has promised to put in place tough measures to address such issues, including illegal charging and other unethical behaviors,” he said.

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Patients who seek treatment at Mityana Hospital have always complained about some staff asking them for money before they get the services.

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