Rwanda hatches plan to assassinate Bobi wine & Besigye, Arrested spies spill secrets.

At the height of a cold war between Rwanda and Uganda, Rwanda’s General Kabalebe convinces Kagame aka Pilato to sign off on an Assassination of Uganda’s opposition politician.

A high alert has this morning been put out by Uganda’s intelligence services on a pending assassination plot aimed at taking out one of the two opposition leaders in Uganda.

The motive for this assassination is to escalate tensions between the ruling party NRM and a combined opposition.

The two strong candidates Col. Rtd Kizza Besigye and the raising Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi will not join forces against General Museveni in 2021, this has become obvious to a desperate Kagame regime whose intentions for Kampala are made clear. General Kabalebe the new Rwandan Chemical Ali tabled an interesting proposal to his master Paul Kagame suggesting that assassinating one candidate would provide the other a sympathy vote and as well as further destroying the image of Museveni who is still working with some international powers.

Rwanda and Besigye fell out with Rwanda preferring to back rtd General Mugisha Mutu as a candidate than col Besigye who had lost three times, Besigye beat them to the game. Towards the raise of Hon. Bobi Wine Rwanda provided funds and issued orders to its social media machinery to blackmail Besigye as a Museveni mole but avoid attacking Bobi Wine.

This created conflicting loyalties amongst Facebook accounts that were tuned to support the opposition. Later a ceasefire was announced but Besigye was still standing strong, Besigye’s bid to recover gained momentum and soon he plans to make another attempt to regain his support and respect as the main opposition leader.

Kagame’s plan for Uganda’s opposition is one filled with tears, he will support anyone with the Rwandan connection, his supports are financial and done quietly, he definitely knows that Museveni has the ability to fight back as he did in Kenya once he detects that Kagame is interfering, the Kigali connection is obvious to Museveni’s intelligence but the latest revelations have shocked Kampala’s security apparatus.

How can Museveni now protect his very political enemies from a well planned and authorized assassination? Even the highly trained SFC can’t protection opposition politicians from a distance more than 500 meters.

A high-level meeting was held to analyze the threat and possibility that assassins had already entered the country. How best can securely manage the situation? The main problem is that both opposition leaders will refuse protection from the military seeing these guards as spies which is understandable but then life is too expensive and Kagame is determined to get Kampala in his hands at whatever cost because it holds the key to his continued stay in power, any chaos works perfectly for him, any pressure on Museveni is seen as a bonus for the regime in Kigali.

Uganda is currently hosting about 700, 000 refugees from Rwanda, 600,000 from Congo all displaced by Kagame’s oppression and foreign policy, many of these are willing to fight back and take what appears to be their rightful place, Kagame knows that these numbers are way bigger than his military force of 50,000 skinny soldiers, Kagame knows that if Museveni is not trimmed now then he can fund these refugees, history can repeat itself if the process of hasn’t started.

Whoever wins office in 2021 must work with Kigali to disarm and kill all Kagame opponents (refugees) so to Kagame, he must invest in Uganda’s opposition since the current regime has refused to work with him on this project. The disadvantage to Kagame is that these refugees have intermarried and some gained citizenship thereby making them silent voters to a candidate who will favor there existence and return to Rwanda or Congo.

Story By Serugga Titus #theinformant

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