Rema and Hamza Change Kwanjula Plans

Rema and Hamza

 As Eddie Kenzo solicits public sympathy through his numerous online rants, singer Rema Namakula and her new consort Hamza Sebunya have gone clandestine.

We have exclusively learned that the couple has changed the venue for their highly billed kwanjula set for November 14 and has drawn a fresh list of guests.

The change from an open invitation to secret was arrived on at after the organisers were made aware of plans to disrupt the union.

The changes come after Kenzo declared war on Wednesday (October 16). He wrote (on social media) in part:

“I was told Muzaata was on one radio station last evening and he said he can’t apologise. I’m not sure of this, but if it’s true, then I am left with no choice but to act like rogue. I am no longer Eddy Kenzo the sweetheart of Uganda. I am going to become the biggest problem in Uganda. at is my next move. Whatever I do, never blame me. You might insult me, but that will not change a thing. It is time to fight. If I die, so be it. is familiarity should stop. It is now war,” he threatened.

We have learnt that Rema and Sebunya are threatened on many fronts. Sebunya’s ex Betty Namukwaya has also started barking after garnering social media support.

“The venue is likely to be switched from Nabbingo to an unnamed venue. Ever since the traditional visit (kukyala) and out the pouring of emotions on social media, the couple has been forced to edit the long list,” the source says.

Last week, Rema hosted Hamza at the home of the Late Godfrey Mabirizi in Naguru. They were expected to have an introduction at Nabbingo.

This website has also learned that Rema and Hamza have been criticized by clan leaders.

Rema is being castigated for prominently involving her daughter with Kenzo, Amaal Musuuza, in her nuptials; while Hamza is accused of having an active social media page, which mocks Kenzo.

This website couldn’t independently verify whether he runs the page. Dr. Adam Kimala, the former prime minister of Mamba clan, said a child is not supposed to attend the introduction ceremony or kukyala of her mother.

“It is an adult affair,” he explained.

Sarah Nabatanzi, Rema’s auntie and one of the organizers of her introduction ceremony, confesses that with the latest unfolding of events, they are left with no option but to switch the venue for their daughter’s big day.

“We had planned to only host 500 people with 200 friends from Ssebunya’s side and 300 people from Rema’s side. However, many things are bound to change,” she said at Zai Plaza in Kampala.

Nabatanzi says their biggest worry stems from the fact that with each passing day, Rema edits the list of attendees. There is a likelihood that fresh invites will be issued or organizers will call invited guests at the last minute with final details.

An insider we spoke to revealed that they might switch from the late Mukiibi Ssemakula and the late Hamidah Nabbosa’s home in Nyendo to Rema Namakula’s village deep in Masaka. The source wasn’t conclusive.

Another source told us that they are just worried about Betty Namukwaya (Sebunya’s ex ) and her family, who are said to be planning to sabotage the ceremony. 

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