Police gets perplexed with the new details that have emerged during Boda murder investigation

The Police have said forensic evidence strongly links one of the key suspects, John Bosco Mugisha, to the Rubaga bodaboda murder.

The Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said the forensic department carried out a thorough analysis on the helmet of the late Derrick Mulindwa, who was last month brutally murdered in Rubaga division.

“When you look closely, it is Mugisha who removed the helmet from the deceased, before hitting him on the head. The forensics team found fingerprints matching those of Mugisha on the helmet,” he said.

 Enanga said operatives from the Police Flying Squad also managed to hunt Mugisha’s accomplice, Aloysius Tamale also known as Young Mulo. After his arrest on Monday last week, Mugisha told Police that his accomplice had been lynched in Makindye over another bodaboda theft.

While addressing journalists at the Police headquarters in Naguru, Enanga said Tamale had been sneaked into Mulago Hospital and his relatives smuggled him out, after hearing that he was wanted. Tamale was later found in a shrine in Kiwumu, Wakiso district, where his sister-in-law, Viola Nakanjako, had hidden him.

Enanga said they arrested Nakanjako, Dan Yiga (owner of the shrine) and Robert Kawooya, a bodaboda rider who aided them. He noted that the Police got the clothes he was wearing the night of the murder and handed them to the government laboratory for further scrutiny.

“We think there were a struggle and sweat must have remained on the clothes, which we can use to prove,” he said. Enanga said they are now sure they have the right suspects.

He revealed that preliminary investigations indicate that Tamale was the mastermind of many bodaboda thefts and killings.

“He was also the master of the technique of strangling. He would always position himself next to the riders in order to block their windpipes and was head of the akabadiya group,” he noted.

Enanga alleged that Tamale used to lure riders into the directions where his colleagues, Mugisha and Majidu Bandiho, would pounce and kill him. Enanga said they also arrested Paul Mubale and Umar Senyonga, also bodaboda thieves.

“We have managed to reconstruct six murder scenes in Makindye and we have transferred the suspects to Old Kampala Police. There are five more bodaboda-related murder and theft scenes that we are reconstructing,” he said.

Enanga said akabadiya group has confessed to killing Damiane Sekalala (killed at Country Club in Makindye on April 4), an unidentified bodaboda rider (killed on May 29 at Kanisa, Makindye), Godfrey Nkata (June 3 in Wasswa zone), Emmanuel Gatete (March 13), Abdullah Nsubuga (Jan 21 in Kiungu zone) and Tom Wamala (June 2), all in Makindye.

Investigations show that after killing their victims, they would take all their documents to conceal their identities. The suspects are looking are likely to be charged with 12 counts of aggravated robbery and theft.

Enanga said Police investigations are being carried out in Mukono, Kawempe and Rubaga. He said three other bodaboda thugs have already been arrested in Mukono

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