People Power supporter in kawempe set on fire inside his house

“I checked on Mr. Ssebulime Rashid, a resident of Kawempe Division and the People Power supporter who survived death when unknown people set his house ablaze recently.” Kawempe Mayor Mr Emmanuel Sserunjogi

Ssebulime was inside the house at the time, where he secured several and severe burns all over his body but, despite being in severe pain, he is still alive.

However, his daily work as a responsible family man has since been put on a standstill with his family struggling for basic supplies since he was the sole breadwinner at home.

“I want to strongly condemn these cowardly and evil acts against fellow humans and as a Political Head of Kawempe Division, I must state that such criminality will not be tolerated here. We are determined to iron it out and bring the culprits to book, for the victim is served justice.” Mr. Emmanuel Sserunjogi added

As such, he appealed to the Uganda Police to speed up the investigations and have the culprits apprehended and charged for their heartless and inhumane acts.

Meanwhile, in Nkoma, Isaac Katoogo a resident of Mable District also known as ambassador wa yesu a singer of Kadongo Kamu has been nailed in his mouth.

According to Katoogo, unknown people attacked him claiming why he has been moving with a speaker playing his song which he composed for President Museveni.

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