Muhangi was suspecting someone to murder him

Patience Mbabazi Muhangi, the wife to the fallen businessman, Charles Muhangi, says her husband feared for his life and even wanted to relocate the family in order to safeguard his children. She disclosed this while eulogizing him at a funeral service that was held at All Saints Cathedral,Nakasero in Kampala on Friday.

The service was led by Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba, assisted by John Kateeba. Mbabazi said early this year, Muhangi told her he wanted torelocate his children to another country, fearing that his enemies would kidnap or kill them in revenge over his recent court victory.

 “I told him what hethought would happen to our children was impossible because I knew God wasthere for us,” she said.

 She added that recently, her husband reignited the debate about his desire to relocate his family, saying he would rather die, but not his children.

“My husband has been a generous man not only to his family,but also to many other people out there. He was not selfish and associated with the poor and the rich without being discriminative. She also added that when she received the bad news about the demise of Muhangi, she asked God why he chose to inflict such a big pain on her at such a time.

“Although he has been a busy, hardworking man, he would at least spare time for his family. He spent everything he had on us as a family,took our children for vacation in and outside the country. He was a great husband,” she added.

Mbabazi also said that although her husband has been diabetic for over 20 years, he had been managing the condition well. On the fateful day, he woke up stressed and as usual, asked for a strip to check his sugar levels.

“When he pulled out his strip, it was reading 44, but he insisted it was 4.4. He had a problem with his eyes, so when he disagreed with me, I thought the problem was with his eyesight,” she said.

She further added that before she went to pick her daughter from Gayaza High School, she made another attempt to convince her husband to take another sample. He accepted, only to find that the strips were finished.

“As I was entering Gayaza compound, my son called me, saying mum, it seems dad is dead; we are shaking him, moving him, but he is not responding. In the background, my youngest daughter was also crying and saying;mummy, dad is dead, dad is dead.

I was like no, that cannot be. I rang our neighbor, Lwanga,to go and help, but he was dropping off his daughter. I then contacted Dr Kaggwa who rushed there and told us he was dead,” she said. Mbabazi also disclosed that Muhangi had accepted Jesus Christ to be his saviour and so he died a happy man.

 “Whenever I would not be home or I was busy somewhere, he would take the children to church on Sundays. His death has hit us hard, but I thank him that he had at least regained his property which partially sparked his death,” she said.

She added that her husband only slept for two hours.

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