Man arrested at Entebbe airport with sh4.4b

SYDNEY-ASUBO Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA)

SECURITY operatives at Entebbe International Airport have intercepted a man who entered the country with $1.2m (sh4.4b) in cash.

Robert Ojuku, who flew in aboard Fly Dubai, was arrested on Thursday as he tried to smuggle wads of dollar bills into the country.

Details, including the source of the money, the country where Ojuku got it and the alleged owner are still scanty as security operatives remained tight-lipped on the matter. However, according to sources, Ojuku was carrying the money for somebody else, who is said to be well-connected. Little was also revealed about Ojuku

This website has learned that Ojuku has since been released on Police bond following alleged pressure mounted by owners of the money, who are reportedly pulling strings through senior security officers.

Sources revealed that Ojuku was released, the cash was first retained at Entebbe airport, but was later released, according to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango. Following the development, security at Entebbe airport alerted the Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA), which took up the matter.

“We want FIA to investigate this matter because this appears like money laundering, which falls under their docket,” the source revealed.

The FIA head, Sydney Asubo, confirmed that the matter had been forwarded to them, but noted that they were still in the early stages of investigations.

“We are handling the matter with Police and the (Uganda Revenue Authority’s) customs department at the airport,” Asubo said.

Asked whether the money belonged to Ojuku and whether he was bringing it into the country as an investor, Asubo dismissed the narrative, confirming earlier reports from security sources that the money probably belonged to someone else.

According to section 7 of the Anti- Money Laundering (Amendment) Act 2017, any person entering or leaving the territory of Uganda and carrying cash or bearer negotiable instruments exceeding one thousand five hundred currency points (sh30m) or the equivalent value in a foreign currency must declare them to URA.

In case of failure to declare or false declaration of the currency, URA is mandated under the Act to seize the currency or bearer-negotiable instruments for a period not exceeding six months

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