“Kenzo has been well played towards his Downfall” Peng Peng breaks silence on Eddy Kenzo

Politics in Uganda Uhm it’s totally embarrassing and absurd that the government has manipulated us with all sorts of dramatic scenarios.

Indeed Bobiwine will remain alone during this struggle because 80% of the people he walks with have price tags.

So the Mafias organized Remas Kukyala function, The Mafia paid Sheikh Muzata to Destabilise Kenzo’s mental Welfare.

Now It turns out the mafias have summoned someone to statehouse who has been singing songs advocating for a peaceful transition of power in Uganda sijui congratulate him upon his award.

Bwana Kenzo even if president Museveni acknowledges your achievements for scoring big on an international level, it will not change anything in our country.

Your journey to Statehouse to meet the juntas it’s for your own selfish motives not for entire Ugandans. It’s funny Ugandans don’t understand how these Mafias work,

They have even destroyed religious sectors Paying pastor Iga to provoke Muslims. Muzaata vs Iga sounds like a comic battle but trust me a religious conflict can erupt in our country when both these two leaders are in bumooli.

The Mafias are destroying people power effect with all sorts of diversions. Kenzo and Rema saga was well scripted and trust me, folks, something is wrong.

Why didn’t Bobiwine post or show public concern towards this couple separation??? Bobiwine oli mugeezi.

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