Jiji Scam: How I was conned millions on Jiji Uganda

I request for your help if possible. My dears, I wanted to rent a bigger house so I get to this Ugandan site called Jiji I think it was the former OLX and I was excited they had a variety of houses in different areas.

So I get to this beautiful house that I liked then contacted the person he seemed nice he actually identified himself as Katende a broker and the number he used was 0757345119,  we later made an appointment to go and check on the premise,

He told us the Owner is a doctor who stays in Mengo and the house was located in Munyonyo a very beautiful stand-alone.

We (me and my partner ) went to check out the house we found it open and we met there a man I think this is the keeper and there was another man who identified himself as the son to the owner and him is the estate’s manager all seemed well and we really liked it.

Therefore like any other person if you’re interested then you would start asking for the owner’s contact which was given to us by Katende the broker

The crook in the photo is the one i gave my money to.

We then called the owner who identified himself as a Doctor from Mulago and Case clinic on number 0706525133 we went ahead and talked he really seemed so reasonable and he was articulate he sounded like a gentleman and told us a lot of staff that he gained our trust.

The house was at 1,500,000shs (1.5m) we negotiated and he later reduced to 1,200,000shs (1.2m) but we should pay for 6 six months and told us that there was someone else that had liked the house so whoever pays first that’s the person he will give it to.

I had fallen for the house and now started putting my partner on pressure to raise the money and since we had just come from the festivals it was tough, so he managed to raise 4,000,000 million shs (4m) and promised to pay the remaining 3,200,000 million shs (3m) the next week which he agreed upon.

After getting the money we called Doctor who told us that he had gone to the hospital to attend to his clients but he referred us to his son on number 0770850262 who is his estate’s manager remember we had met at the premise we then went ahead and signed a tenants agreement and all seemed well.

We didn’t get the keys immediately because there were a few things on the house that we had agreed he had to first work on. We later parted ways.

Later during day we had some inquires to make we tried calling their phones and to our surprise, all phones were switched off that’s when we realized we had been conned, honestly, I was bewildered because I just couldn’t believe this had happened they all seemed nice, everything seemed real and as am writing the phones are still switched off or maybe I might have been blacklisted since it’s their business to go conning people around.

I took the so-called Son’s photo which I have since he’s the one that we gave the money to and because he claimed he didn’t have his Identification.

And I also have the tenant’s agreement and receipt if anyone out there is able to help please assist us to get these Crooks and I advise people there not to trust these online brokers especially from Jiji am told most of them are crooks please be careful.

I thought they were genuine people and they just wanted to ease our search by going online and getting what we desired but I realized it’s better you do it the traditional ways.

Any assistance rendered will be highly appreciated we need to expose these crooks such that no one else falls victim. Kindly refer to the attachments to avoid being duped as they did to me.

The crook in the photo is the one I gave my money to. Thank you all for your assistance.

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