ISO speaks out on identity of the murdered spies in Congo

ISO boss Col Kaka Bagyenda

The Internal Security Organisation (ISO) has come out to deny reports that the two suspected spies that were brutally murdered by rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo were linked to them. Last week, ADF released pictures of two beheaded bodies, of a man and a woman, saying they had been executed for spying for the Government.

The ADF statement particularly placed them as ISO operatives. The female victim was dressed in a yellow blouse, and a black, sports trouser with white, yellow and green strips. Her hands were also tied tightly behind her back with a green strip and with grayish scarf wrapped around her waist.

Her headless body was also lying on the ground in a pool of blood, while her head, with puff hairs, was placed on top of the male victim’s headless body. The male headless body was dressed in a navy blue jacket and a dark blue trouser. Both bodies were lying on the ground that looked to be located in a jungle. The male victim was identifi ed by a name, Nkalubo.

However, ISO boss Col. Frank Bagyenda Kaka, denied knowledge of the two murdered individuals, saying they were not known to him. Kaka added that they suspect the two individuals could have been murdered from the bushes of DR Congo by the rebels before their photos were shared among their collaborators for accountability purposes.

“We are investigating to authenticate the motive and those that were behind this act. We also want to establish the particulars of the victims, including their origin,” Kaka said.

He further explained that ISO had built capacity which cannot be underestimated and that the public should be rest assured that no one can disorganise the peace of Uganda anymore.

“ADF are a mediocrity. We defeated them, but they want to dupe their funders that they are still active on ground, so that they can be given more funds,” he said.

Since its inception, the ADF rebels are reported to have killed and kidnapped dozens of people both in Uganda and in the eastern part of DR Congo. In September, 2013, the group was reported to have killed three people and abducted 30 others in Waralinga sector, north Kivu, DR Congo, in a village called Kombo, N’Dama, Kikura, in Watalinga.

It is alleged that over 20,000 Congolese fled to Bundibugyo, following clashes in the areas of Kamango in eastern DR Congo.

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