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Irene: Bukenya was a good business, I enjoyed him

More than 10 lovers and seven love kids in 29 years, now we know why Prof. Gilbert Bukenya refers to himself as Mahogany! Only that Mahogany is now about to be cut down. Considering that since his wife has ­ led for divorce, it may not leave him standing strong.

Will he remain the jolly, side dish cash dishing guy that he is? He does not have a type and seems to be the “anything that walks” type of guy. According to the divorce petition, he allegedly DID IT with musicians, dramatists, a tea girl, fellow politicians, fat, tiny, and just the woman across the road.

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Bukenya has been so good to women that they refer to him as good business. Singer Iryn Namubiru’s manager, Hope Mukiibi, says as much.

“Bukenya is good business, that’s for sure,” he says in a phone interview. A good business that starts with a song and ends in kisses can be groin jerking.

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Mukiibi says Bukenya contracted Namubiru to compose and sing a song about his mother, Francisca Nabulo and hired her to perform during his constituency campaign trail. He said recently when he organized a show at his Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel, he also contacted her to perform.

In between those times, they kissed in public. According to Mukiibi, he handles payments when Namubiru performs for the old Professor. “I know about the business. I just do not know about the other things,” he says.

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On several occasions, Bukenya has been caught in compromising positions with Iryn. In 2013, when Namubiru was arrested and detained in Japan on allegations of carrying drugs on a plane, Bukenya paid some of the bills for her lawyers and pledged to give all the funds that the singer needed to get out of detention.

Lukwago Joseph

Lukwago Joseph grew up in a newspaper family, and rumor has it that instead of playing the guitar in his infancy, his parents put a reporter’s notebook and a pen next to him shortly after he turned born eight years.Lukwago graduated from Makerere University in 2008 with a B.A. in Journalism and worked on his college newspaper.

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