IGG recovers sh2B stolen by high level Govt officials

Inspector General of Government (IGG) Justice Irene Mulyagonja when they appeared before legal committee

About sh2b was recovered from seizing of corruption acquired assets in 2018, the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagonja,has revealed.

“A total of sh1.985b was recovered and deposited in the assets recovery account and a saving of sh107b, which could have been lost without our intervention, was made,” Mulyagonja said.

This year, the IGG investigated and prosecuted 142 public officials this year, 99 of whom were convicted. Mulyagonja was on Friday speaking to journalists ahead of the anti-corruption Day today.

Flanked by her deputy Mariam Wangadya, Mulyagonja said through the automated enforcement of the Leadership Code Act for declaration of income, assets and liabilities, the year under review registered the highest response of 95% up from 76% for over 25,000 public officials.

She said corruption in Uganda had reached an alarming rate.

“The state of corruption in Uganda is alarming. That is why Ugandans are angry,” she noted.

Mulyagonja said lack of strong institutions and systems is a recipe for corruption. Citing investigations into Bank of Uganda on the sale of closed banks, the IGG said the probe in Parliament had shown glaring loop holes that happen in many public offices.

“Weak governance structures cause corruption. We need to increase accountability and governance in public offices,” Mulyagonja noted.

 “At whatever level,each one of us should feel energized to fight corruption,” she said.

She revealed that the inspectorate will establish a forensic analysis centre to analyse documents during investigations in order to prepare evidence for successful prosecution.

Meanwhile, President Yoweri Museveni is today expected to address Ugandans on the renewed strategies to fight corruption at Kololo Independence grounds in Kampala.

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