“I will not sing or campaign for you in 2021 Elections” Kenzo Drops a Bombshell on Bobi Wine

Singer Edirisa Musuuza, also known as Eddy Kenzo has dropped a bombshell by revealing that he will not campaign for fellow singer cum legislators, Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine, neither will he do it for any politician.

Addressing a news conference after his recent meeting with President Museveni at Entebbe State House, Kenzo vowed never to campaign for any politicians.

“Mr. Kyagulanyi is my friend but I will never campaign for him again. I will support him and vote for him but won’t campaign for him. I will never jump onto any platform to convince people for him unless he has himself convinced people of what he is capable of doing,” Kenzo said.

The “Sitya Loss” singer in 2011 campaigned for President Museveni with his “Stamina” song headlining the presidential campaigns for the incumbent.

In 2016, Kenzo campaigned for Robert Kyagulanyi as he vied for the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat that he eventually won.

Speaking on Thursday, Kenzo said he won’t do the same again for any politician.

“I campaigned for him (Bobi Wine) in Kyadondo but for president, I won’t. He must convince people he is the best. I will not campaign for any other person. I am a person who must bring together people.”

Meeting Museveni is a blessing

The singer, however, noted that meeting President Museveni early this week was a dream come true for him, noting that he could not miss such a golden chance.

“I don’t think I made a wrong decision and I am so blessed. I thank God for it. I met him and we exchanged many things. I celebrate it(meeting) as an achievement,” Kenzo said.

He added,”I even told Kyagulanyi(Bobi Wine), Zaake that I was going to see Mzee. It is everyone’s achievement. He is the fountain of honor that everyone wants to rub shoulders with.”

The “Sitya Loss” singer, however, distanced himself from preaching against the ruling government saying a similar question was paused to him by the President.

“I am not ready to fight the government. I can’t be against a person that God chose. He is the one who knows why He is in that place. I don’t think am ready to fight with the state. If you respect God, you must respect the leader and if you respect parents, respect elders. I could not resist the call because he is the leader of this country. He is a parent and his authority was given by God,” Kenzo said.

“If you respect God, you must respect the leader and if you respect parents, respect elders.

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