How Kenzo and Rema agreed to End their Relationship

Kenzo and Rema

The separation of music artistes Edirisa Musuza alias Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula has caused a public uproar, especially after Shiekh Nuhu Muzaata joined the fray with his stinging comments against Kenzo.

Muzaata accused Kenzo of taking too long to wed Rema.

In what is believed to be a response to Kenzo’s statements that he was still studying Rema’s behavior, and that a person he wants to marry should be as good as his mother, Muzaata is said to have proposed that such men like Kenzo should marry their mothers.

Muzaata is said to have attacked Kenzo for wearing earrings, saying such men are unreliable.

This sparked off an outburst from Kenzo and his fans, who demanded that Muzaata apologizes for suggesting that Kenzo marries his mother, who died over 20 years ago.

It has emerged that Kenzo and Rema reached an amicable agreement before they separated. Rema who moved out of Kenzo’s home has since got engaged to Hamza Sebunya.

Kenzo, who has a daughter with Rema, claims that they were married under the Muslim law, but have over two years been living in separate homes.

How Rema and Kenzo agreed

In one of the messages that Kenzo is said to have shared on his facebook page, Rema reportedly sent the musician a message in July this year, informing him about her newfound love.

“ Salaam aleikum sebbo (Peace be upon you, sir). I am hoping all is well. I am here to inform you that I finally got into a serious relationship and I am soon moving forward with legalizing our union.

I felt it is better I inform you personally. I would totally understand if you want us out of the house. I was also wondering if I should change the How Kenzo, Rema agreed to part ways By Chris Kiwawulo kids’ schools but they are doing their final years in these schools. But kyonna kyosalawa kyetujja okugendelako (we shall abide by your decision).

Meanwhile, thank you for allowing us to stay in the house for all these two years after you left. God bless you,” Rema wrote.

In response, Kenzo said: “I am happy for you, Maama Aamal. I think you know how much I love you. I will always be there for you. We are family for life. Good luck in your new chapter. Mashallah (It’s God’s will). About the house, take your time till you feel you need to go. For the kids, let them finish exams, they will start next year first term at Tawhid Inshallah (God willing).”

Rema expressed gratitude and thanked the father of her daughter (Aamal), for being understanding. In another message, Kenzo is seen admitting his shortcomings, which could have sparked off the separation.

He also blesses Rema’s newfound relationship.

“We are one, Rema. Just know sh*t happens but I have you at heart. Forever family Mashallah (God bless you) and everything will be fine. Tell your man not to be scared of me. I really understand every moment. Congratulations, once again, my best friend. I am happy for you dear,” he wrote on July 20.

On the same day, Kenzo communicated to Rema, informing her about the gifts he had brought for her from Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Like in his audio message which was aired live via his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon, Kenzo has, thereafter, repeatedly referred to Rema as his best friend and family member.

Even after Rema informed Kenzo about her newfound love, the communication between the two has been kept cordial and they have kept on talking about issues concerning their child.

However, the singer, who has been booked in Europe and the US for several shows, including some for next year, has vowed not to sing in Uganda again, if Muzaata does not apologize.

Kenzo even vowed to demonstrate upon his return to Uganda, later this month. But Muzaata has, in response, also vowed not to apologize, saying he said nothing wrong. Speaking on a local television station, Muzaata denied the apology that circulated on various social media platforms as being his.

“Muzaata and his cronies want to kill me. They want to create an impression that I am depressed so they can poison me,” Kenzo said in his message on Tuesday. Many of Kenzo’s supporters have urged him not to quit singing in Uganda.

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