Besigye becomes the worlds most arrested man

Uganda’s opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, was given a spot in the latest edition of the Guinness Book of Records. The Guinness Book of Records described on Wikipedia as a reference book “listing world records and national records, both of human achievements and the extremes of the natural world,” announced Mr. Besigye as the most imprisoned person in the world

In 2016 alone Besigye was arrested and jailed more than 15 times when he was contesting against the concluded 2016 elections where H.E President Museveni won the elections.

Besigye is not a bank robber nor a serial murder but his crime is showing interest in the Presidency of Uganda currently occupied by President for 3 decades.

Besigye was a former personal doctor to President Museveni and also acted as an Internal affairs minister after the NRA war.

It should be noted that Kizza Besigye has never been given a sentence or convicted of any of the crimes he has been arrested for since he started his career as Uganda’s most formidable opposition leader

On Monday 20/01/2020 Kizza was arrested again marking more than 50 times he has ever been arrested in the history of Uganda.

Dr. Besigye was in Jinja District as part of countrywide celebrations organized by the party to mark 15 years of the party’s existence.

He was supposed to address party loyalists at Bugembe Stadium.

However, for most parts of the afternoon, Dr. Besigye and his team were engaged in running battles with police officers from Jinja Central Police Station, Bugembe and Kakira Police stations, before soldiers from Gadaffi Army Barracks were deployed.

Police fired teargas at Dr. Besigye supporters after a public address system he was supposed to use inside the stadium, was allegedly dismantled by police.

Rowdy youth, using burning tires and other items, barricaded Wanyama Road on the Jinja-Iganga highway, paralyzing traffic.

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