“Am not your mother, you losers” Zahara Toto returns fire to her critics

As a week was ending many people were moved by the way the famous NBS TV presenter Zahara Toto appeared on her show in an attire which was considered to be of low standard exposing her “SUMBIE or Kandaha”

Facebook and other social media made her picture to go viral and people in comments started attacking her that how can a mother of more than two children disrespect her self like that on National tv.

Well Zahara toto has come to and spit fire to those haters and critics calling them losers and its none of their business on what she does.

” To all of you here spitting on my page! Have surprised my self and looked through all your accounts thinking you gat something special going on but wooow ! Y’all should be humble ! Am not here to inspire any one am not your mothers! “

She advised them to go out and look for jobs rather than wasting their time on social media attacking anyone who is more succesfully than them in life.

” Mulibubi nyo ! Sinze eyaleta enaku (You’re worse off, am not the cause of havoc in your life) in your lives! instead of wasting your time spiting on my page concentrate on bettering your lives ! Go advice your parents who gave birth to u unwillingly! Muli bana bakibi ! (Your Sin bads) “

Rest of her post went like this

Y’all busy pretending to be angels in Ramathan why be good for one month in a year why not every single day of your life? (Oohh she should be sacked at work, she is not the first presenter we have seen, she will go, blah blah bla ! )

AM STILL HERE AND AM GOING NO WHERE !! Kale muwomelwe food ordered from Jumia Food! Mweyongele nokulaba #uncut kalakata ku NBS Television and Sanyuka TV Uganda also tune in and listen to 106.1fm NXT Radio UG the station with the biggest hits #lounge from 10 am -3 pm blessed Sunday!

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