“Am not leaving Power any time Now” Museveni Laughs on as other Presidents reject calls to extend their rule

The National Resistance Movement Chairman also the Current President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has revealed that he can not relinquish or Leave power at this moment.

Museveni further revealed the reason behind him not leaving power is because all he “planted has started bearing fruits”

“Those who say, let him go, let him go, they need to know that this is not the right time. This old man who has saved the country, how do you want him to go? How can I go out of a banana plantation I have planted that has started bearing fruits?” Mr. Museveni asked

Museveni was speaking out to a crowd that had come to welcome him at Rwashamaire Town in Kajara County in Ntungamo district.

Museveni said that it’s only the greedy and impatient people telling him to quit the presidency and leave Uganda in a desperate situation.

He said while there are many voices telling him to leave power, but he looks at Uganda as being in the middle of a forest and needs him to find a path for the country to come out.

“We can’t be in the middle of a forest and want the old man to go. This is not right. We must concentrate on development, my time will come and I will go. I don’t fear to go because I have where to go, but we must first see where we go,” he added.

Rwanda’s Kagame

While speaking to the 17th Annual National Dialogue Kagame revealed that he is not considering standing again for the fourth term.

He further said that his wish is to see a female president succeeding him and develop Rwanda to greater heights

‘‘My wish is that one day, a woman takes up this position that you gave me,’‘ Kagame told delegates.

Burundi’s Nkurunziza

Burundi’s 55 years old President Pierre Nkurunziza told Journalists in a press conference that he ain’t seeking another term as Burundi’s president.

It should be noted that in 2015 Nkurunziza adamantly insisted on contesting for another yet the constitution was barring him from seeking another term.

This sparked off deadly crashes and widespread of human right violations inside Burundi’s border and increased feud between him and Kagame

Tanzania’s Magufuli

In the early weeks of December, Tanzania’s Magufuli pledged his alliance that he will respect the beautiful Constitution of his country by not contesting for more than two terms as stipulated.

‘‘I have been insisting that I will respect the constitution and laws governing the country after completing my term in office,’‘ Magufuli said while launching a water project in the Geita region.

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