“Bobi wine keeps on receiving money from State House to hoodwink ugandans” – Mbabazi’s bodyguard

Bobi wine

Mbabazi’s former head of security known as Christopher Aine while speaking out to journalists revealed that Bobi wine is funded directly from State House to hoodwink Ugandans.

Aine is a son to one of NRA top commander who was among the 27 rebels who picked up guns to fight Obote’s Government by then.

Aine rubbished Bobi wine’s A.K.A Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s presidential ambitions. He said the fact that Bobi wine is on the Statehouse Payroll it’s enough to show that he can not be a president of Uganda.

Aine also said that he was among the first few Ugandans to embrace People Power together with some officers from UPDF who thought that Bobi wine was a potential presidential candidate but later on discovered his secret.

Christopher Aine battling police during the 2016 elections

“I approached Bobi Wine after my friends in the government and in UPDF sent me to meet him and have a talk with him.  But I realized that he was under the control, knowingly or unknowingly, of some clique who I know very well are receiving money from the statehouse. I just ran away and now every person in government who secretly thought they could stand behind Bobi Wine lost interest in him because they know the people surrounding him in and out,” Aine said.

In his short interview he also revealed that Ugandans should lose their hope they had in FDC’S Kizza Besigye, Lord Mayor Erias  Lukwago and Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze because they are more comfortable being in opposition than getting power.

Aine said that this is the right time for president Museveni to show Ugandans his successor. He said that if Museveni delays, the country will slip into bloodshed.

“Mzee has done a lot for this country and he needs to rest. You know when people reach Mzee’s age they are easily compromised, the way the maas is currently compromising the president, they are corrupt and are untouchable,” Aine added.

He revealed that he knows a number of UPDF Generals who are eagerly waiting for Museveni’s exit. He explained that these Generals and military officers are very rich, well-educated with their children and think that they are better placed to succeed Museveni.

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