More Pressure on M7 as Bobi wine launches a new Movement dubbed ‘Students Power’

People Power, a pressure group headed by Kyadondo East Legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine has today morning launched their students’ movement

The movement has been dubbed ‘Students Power’ and the same function also doubled as the official unveiling ceremony for People Power students’ representatives.

The launch was held at Bobi Wine’s home in Magere, Kampala and the event was hosted by Tundulu Jonathan (former Kyambogo University guild president) as the MC.

Kyagulanyi,  who launched the pressure group today at his home in Magere, Wakiso district, said that “The Students’ Power Movement will be the epicenter of ‘shaking up the nation’ to cause the long-awaited liberation.”

He revealed that “So far more than 700 students drawn from 240 public and private institutions of higher learning across the country have gathered here to witness  the launch of the Students; Power Movement.”

Students from Various Universities who attended Bobi’s Launch

It should be noted that student activism is a widely known phenomenon whereby students rally themselves and other citizens to cause political, environmental, economic, or social change and political analysts contend that Bobi Wine wants to use this strategy too.

Although often focused on schools, curriculum, and educational funding, student groups have influenced greater political events as well.

Also present at the launch was Joel Ssenyonyi, the pressure group’s spokesperson, Chairman Nyanzi (Bobi Wine’s brother), Bobi Wine, Roy Ssemboga among other top People Power diehards.

Ssenyonyi urged students to stand against injustices while advising them not to use stones, machete or engage in any other form of violence.

“We are saying were are not going to sit back and see these institutions go down. Holding a placard is not violence, it is you Museveni who went to the bush and killed people. That is what we call violence.” Ssenyonyi said while commenting on the Makerere demo against tuition increment.

Senyonyi also confessed to the students that People Power has no money at the moment but when they take over government in 2021, they will consider buying Land Cruiser V8 cars (mpa enkoni) for them.

“Calling me boss implies that you expect me to pay you salary”, Senyonyi told Tundulu the MC who introduced him as boss before adding that;

“We will buy for you the mpa enkonis of Kusasiras and the likes when we take over power. That is when we will afford to pay you.” Ssenyonyi promised.

The event is ongoing in Magere, more details will be published in the next articles.

Benjamin Katana, the People Power Movement Legal Advisor, said they decided to take the struggle to students after noticing their courage and desire to challenge the status quo.

Roy Ssemboga, the Coordinator of Education Institutions in the People Power Movement, said that “As students we decided to join the struggle because of our conviction that the People Power ideology seeks to address the questioned of the time, which are critical to the youth and students looking forward to a better future.” 

Ssemboga revealed that that destiny has called upon them and they have answered the call by shaking off their sleep to wake up and check government excesses of power and corruption.   

However, Bobi Wine warned the students who have chosen to join the struggle to prepare  for a rough road ahead of them. 

He said that “The challenges will range from being subjected to brutality, intimidation and attempts to buying them off.  I ask you keep your  eyes on the ‘crown’.”

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