Grandmother arrested for stealing a baby to con New boyfriend

Namuwaya and her husband Faizal Obira at Iganga Police Station on Friday after the baby was recovered. Inset is Nabirye. Photo by Jackie Nambogga

Police in Iganga is holding Madina Nabirye, a grandmother who faked a pregnancy and stole her daughter’s son in order to con her 20-year-old Kenyan boyfriend.

Realizing that her boyfriend would one day demand a child, Nabirye convinced the man that she was indeed expecting his child.

When she was purportedly six months pregnant, she deceived him that she would be shifting from her residence of Lubya on Buvuma Islands to Iganga so that she could get better medical facilities during labor.

While in Iganga, Nabirye kept calling her boyfriend, asking for upkeep, which he sent. Three months later, Nabirye deceived him that she had given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Overwhelmed by the news of being a father, Nabirye’s boyfriend broke the news to his friends and demanded that she takes the baby for naming.

On realising that the man was eager to see ‘his’ son, Nabirye tricked her daughter, Namuwaya, and escaped with her baby boy.

Namuwaya, a resident of Bukonko village in Nawaningi sub-county, said Nabirye on May 6 tricked her into giving her the baby. She alleged that her mother-in-law, Hadija Naigaga, had sent for the child.

Nabirye lied to her daughter that she had passed by Naigaga’s workplace at Iganga Central Market, who had requested her to take the baby for treatment, assuring her that Naigaga would return with it.

However, they were shocked when Naigaga returned without it. When Nabirye did not return, they reported the matter to Iganga Central Police Station, leading to her arrest. At the Police station, Namuwaya received her baby from a Police officer and breastfed him as she hurled insults at her mother.

In her statement, Nabirye informed the Police that she had taken the baby to a traditional healer at Bwondha because he was not breathing well. She, however, remained tight-lipped when asked why she had gone with the baby to Lubya.

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