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Police breaks silence on arresting Kanyeihamba & reveals what happened

Today, there was a minor incident that happened at Prof. George Kanyehamba’s resident in Buziga, Kampala City.

A police guard at the retired Judge’s home lost his father and he requested his principal, who is Prof. Kanyehamba, to allow him go for the burial.

Retired Justice Kanyehamba ordered him to hand over the gun to him, which the guard rejected.

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According to police standing orders, a police officer isn’t allowed to hand over his firearm to unauthorised persons.
The retired Justice ordered other workers to lock the gate and not to allow the guard to leave.

The police guard called his superiors, who went to the residence and he handed over his gun to them before a new guard was deployed to cover his beat.

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Therefore police quenches rumours circulating that the Retired Justice was held hostage by his guard as being untrue.
The guard has been given pass leave to go and bury his father.The Justice has got a new guard.

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Police said It is unfortunate that the retired Justice decided to alarm the public that he is being held hostage well knowing that he is the one who ordered his other workers to lock the gate.

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