“Dr. Ssebunya has never seen Rema naked nor Ever slept with her” -Lawyer reveals

Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula’s breakup initially seemed like a sham to garner them social media relevance (ask Chameleone and Atim).

But with each passing day, the reality is sinking in and one party has been hit hardest — Eddy Kenzo.

Last week, a letter was issued by law firm Nalukoola, Kakeeto Advocates & Solicitors, on behalf of their client Sharif Sentongo Nambaale, demanding that Rema and her new man, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, face a disciplinary committee under section 38 (1)(2) and (4) of the Allied Health Professional Act Cap. 268 of the laws of Uganda.

The letter did rounds on social. The letter claims that Rema’s impending marriage to Ssebunya is illegal because he was her doctor and she was his patient.

Nalukoola claims that by the time Rema and Ssebunya met, he was a doctor (gynecologist), who optically feasted on Rema’s private parts as a horny lover and not a doctor. He says this constitutes professional and ethical misconduct.

Ssebunya’s lawyer speaks out

Whereas Ssebunya and Rema have chosen not to respond, their lawyers have spoken. Ukasha Ssekajja of Kibuuka Musoke & Co. Advocates & Solicitors termed the letter in question as drama and a waste of time.

“ There’s a group of people who were paid to defame, insult and tarnish our client’s image, but trust me, we are watching and we’ll soon face off in the courts of law,” he said.

He said it (the letter) was a move to sabotage his client’s kwanjula ceremony set for November 14.

Ssekajja intimated that Ssebunya has never been a gynecologist and, therefore, has not seen Rema naked.

“What I am even doing (talking to our reporter on the phone) is wrong. I have orders from Ssebunya not to talk to anyone about that letter because whoever came up with it wanted public sympathy, fame and maybe lacked what to do,” Ssekajja said.

He said the author of the letter had no evidence that Ssebunya was ever Rema’s doctor or ever slept with her. This letter doesn’t make sense at all? I wonder why the media has made it such a big issue,” Ssekajja said.

He added: “If it was Rema writing the letter, protesting about Ssebunya persuading her into a love relationship, yet he was her doctor, then it would have been of consequence.”

He also said if Kenzo and Rema were legally married, the letter would have had an impact on her new relationship. “Sentongo has to provide concrete evidence that the couple met in the hospital

On Monday, Kenzo left a message on his social media: “My heart is bleeding. But one day…” It was complete with a video of his daughter with Rema, Aamaal, supposedly weeping at the prospect of having to split with her big sister, Maya, now that Rema has moved on.

We learned that under the split arrangement, Rema will take Aamaal with her into her new marriage. But Kenzo faced backlash for what others branded a cheap move, showering him with a barrage of insults. They accused him of fake crying and managing crocodile tears.

“Stop using the kids to make us feel sorry for you. When she was around, you never posted any videos to show us how happy they were with her. Why post their sadness now?” Jane Baganda commented.

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