Socialite ‘Don’ Nasser re-arrested after getting bond

A few minutes after his release on Police bond, Nasser, Nduhukire aka Don Nasser a city socialite, was re-arrested on Wednesday, after more charges were slapped against him. Nduhukire was held at Entebbe Police Station under the Mineral Protection unit, for a week, facing charges of obtaining money by false pretence vide CRB 32/2018.

The suspect allegedly conned Johnny Hill, a 56-year-old American national of $700,000 (about sh2b) in a gold scam. Johnny Hill, who was found camping at Entebbe Police Station on Wednesday, expressed dissatisfaction in the way his case was being handled.

“For the past two weeks, I have been in Uganda following up on my case, which has stalled, yet the suspect was arrested a week ago,” Johnny said.

The American, who reported the case at Entebbe Police, said, Nduhukire has all along been having access to his computers and mobile phones, plus social media accounts, bragging and posting all photographs of himself while at the Police station.

More charges After ‘Don’ Nasser had secured a Police bond on charges levied against him by the American national, a woman came up with a similar charge against the Kampala socialite. Margaret Kiweesi fi led a case at the Central Police Station in Kampala vide SD Ref: 03/25/11/18 against the same Nasser Nduhukire. In the second charge, he is accused of obtaining money by false pretence.

The case file was later transferred to Entebbe Police Station, prompting the socialite to be re-arrested after being granted a Police bond. Kiweesi, the widow of the late Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47, and mother of Mayanja’s fouryear-old twins, on Wednesday said she had dated Nduhukire for some months, after meeting him in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. “I then introduced him to a Russian lady, who I regarded as my aunt, only for that young man to start sending emails and creating a rapport with the Russian,” Kiweesi explained.

According to the complainant, Nduhukire fl eeced the Russian woman of $5m promising to deliver 95kg of gold.

“At fi rst this lady thought I had connived with my boyfriend to con her, which prompted me to seek letters of administration in a Dubai-based court, to come to Uganda and pursue a criminal and, if possible, open a civil case on behalf of the Dubai-based Russian lady,” intimated Kiweesi.

Nasser Nduhukire was arrested last week when he was found hidden in a ceiling, in one of the houses on Entebbe Road. His socialite life saw him import a Rolls Royce Wraith estimated at sh1.1b, adding on a fl eet of other cars he owns, with his name inscribed the on licence plates.

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