Sejusa Calls for arrest of Corrupt NCS Officials

Former intelligence agency director, General David Sejusa, wants a corruption probe of NCS officials as well. His remarks come as Ms. Sarah Babirye, president of the Uganda Netball Federation, faces charges of defrauding the organization of funds.

After being committed to Luzira Prison on Monday, she was granted bail and released the following day. It all started when Ms. Babirye accused NCS general secretary Bernard Patrick Ogwel of taking bribes in exchange for releasing funding to sports federations.

While Gen. Sejusa’s Twitter statements may have appeared adverse to a matter before the court, the NRA iconic figure was only echoing the sentiments of many who were outraged by the charges against and ensuing incarceration of Ms. Babirye on Monday.

“She also talked about the Shs30m kickback and they just dumped her in Luzira to silence her?” tweeted Gen. Sejusa.

Ms. Babirye stated that the federation’s finances had been withheld by NCS’s accounting officer, Mr. Ogwel.

Mr. Ogwel asserted, however, that he had paid up Shs425m for two competitions that took place in Namibia in 2021: the Pent Series and the Africa Netball Championships.

In spite of Mr. Ogwel’s demands that the federation account for an additional Shs425m, Ms. Babirye, a former Youth MP for the central area, argued that her organization had only received Shs186m.

“We want to fight corruption or [are we] just posturing? We are talking about embezzlement of government money after she spills [the beans], you bring two individuals that she stole from them? Coincidence? Arrest others too,”  Gen Sejusa tweeted on Tuesday. 

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