Mayiga Calls on Youth to Embrace Free Training, Extols Museveni’s Initiatives

The Buganda Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga, has praised President Museveni for proposing the creation of regional training centers for industries in order to provide young people with opportunities to gain practical experience.

“I applaud the president for launching this program to educate and train Uganda’s youth. Getting a job is crucial for everyone, and the best time to learn the ropes is when you’re young.”

Mr. Mayiga urged the youth, “Please come and get free training so that you can have meaningful lives when you grow up.”

Mr. Mayiga made the remarks on Wednesday, when he helped inaugurate the Presidential Skilling Industrial Hub for the Greater Masaka area in Ndegeya Village, located in Masaka City.

Since it launched in February, the industrial cluster in Greater Masaka has been enrolling young people aged 18 to 35 from its nine different districts.

Mr. Mayiga did issue a warning to those in charge of the presidential regional industrial clusters against mismanagement of the facilities

Ms. Jane Barekye, the State House Controller, said that President Museveni established the industrial centers to equip at-risk ghetto youngsters and unemployed urban youth with the tools they need to become financially self-sufficient and productive members of society.

“Some [kids] arrive when they are drug addicts, some when they don’t understand, and some when they are somehow intoxicated, but by the time they leave this institution, they are giving testimony about how their lives have been changed forever. “

“They’re healthy, happy, and ready to serve their country,” she remarked.

Tailoring, hairstyling, bricklaying, carpentry and joinery, handicraft, metal fabrication and food processing, baking, and value addition are just some of the skills taught to students at the 19 industrial centres across the country.

According to Ms. Barekye, learners will get a Level One Certificate of Uganda Vocational Qualifications from the Directorate of Industrial Training once they have successfully completed the program.

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