What You need to know about Semujju and his bid for speakership

Ssemujju Nganda Ibrahim was the brain behind the Red Ribbon TOGIKWATAKO brand.

He initiated the Red Colour as a weapon to fight Museveni’s plans to rape the constitution.

Ssemujju was first Mp to wear a Red suit and Red Taqiyah. We embraced Red caps, Red Tshirts, Red Shirts, Red Arm bands etc to symbolize our resistance against removal of Age limit.

And we moved all over the country, sometimes being arrested and detained in far areas.

Only FDC supporters were killed during TOGIKWATAKO and only FDC leaders have unresolved court cases upcountry related to TOGIKWATAKO.

3yrs later, Ssemujju’s Taqiyah is blue and he can’t convince more than 15 MPs in opposition to vote him for Speaker.

MPs who claimed they were against TOGIKWATAKO decided to vote NRMilitary junta Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

I am now convinced that if TOGIKWATAKO vote was secret ballot, most opposition who voted no would have voted YES.

Afterall, it’s Ssemujju as Chief Whip who wrote in Observer that opposition MPs had taken money from Museveni to allow the Bill pass even if they voted NO.

That is the struggle for you. Ronald Muhinda

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