If vaccine is safe then vaccination should start with govt leaders, says Kaziimba

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, has requested Ugandans to be patient and allow leaders to be vaccinated first against COVID-19.

Kaziimba said leaders, such as ministers and MPs, play a very important role, so they need to be vaccinated first to continue serving well and build public confidence.

“They move a lot and have a lot of responsibilities. They are very important people in the nation. They are our leaders, so they must take this opportunity before anyone,” he said.

Kaziimba was on Tuesday speaking during the funeral service for the late Faith Mutebi, wife of retired bishop Wilson Mutebi at St Andrew’s Cathedral Namuko in Mityana. Faith, 77, died of COVID-19.

The burial ceremony followed the health ministry guidelines on COVID-19. Kaziimba expressed concern over the big number of people losing lives to the pandemic and said he was hopeful that vaccination would curb the disease.

He also advised Ugandans to adhere to the COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“Things are changing, now we view photos during burial, instead of dead bodies. Make sure that you have a good photo which can be showed to mourners and do not fear to make a Will before you die,” he said.

During the requiem service, Bishop Mutebi described his wife as a strong and perfect wife, who was supportive.

“Faith successfully did all she was expected to do in marriage and I thank her for that. May she rest in peace,” Mutebi said.

He said as a teacher, Faith used her little salary to meet family needs. “I remained confident that even though I would not be getting money from the church, she had some little money for the family,” he said.

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